Our Skills & Experience

LAM Communications uses the skills, techniques, processes and principles of broadcast journalism to communicate often complex messages in ways that are easily understood by a mass audience.



Our strong background in broadcast journalism and corporate communication ensures we quickly understand our clients' objectives and how to deliver them. Our projects are known for their tight scripting, creative visuals and for their polish. We also know how to manage a large technical team.

We have a variety of creative skills and a range of proven corporate communication ideas that can be used to help develop either a communication strategy or meet the requirements of a specific project. But in every case, our clients receive the benefit of our experience and advice.

We know that when communicating, our clients have a lot on the line. Our clients come to LAM Communications because they want the maturity and understanding of the corporate environment that LAM brings to every business relationship.

LAM Managing Director is Larry Miller, a broadcast journalist with extensive radio and tv experience, reporting both in Britain and abroad for major news networks, including CBS, National Public Radio and the Associated Press.

Over the last 20 years, Larry has also managed LAM's corporate communication operation always being the direct contact with every client. Larry has worked with senior executives from some of the largest British companies to help them deliver their strategic messages.

Our skills and experience were essential:

When Vodafone introduced it's digital service it asked LAM to produce a UK road show for mobile dealers to create credibility and brand awareness, which used communication tools including video case studies, full scripting for speakers and presentation graphic support, set design and build, audio inserts, outside broadcast unit, full management and direction of each event. Time was tight, we had just 30 days to make it happen...AND we did!

When Legal & General embarked on a culture change programme, it relied on LAM to produce a video that would dispel staff fears, and communicate objectives and benefits. This was the start of a 12 year relationship that included the production of corporate audio programmes, staff conferences, video productions, and communication consultancy.

When Bull Computers found the sales force was not reading documentation and marketing collateral, LAM produced ‘Radio 4' style audio programmes sent directly to each salesperson. These included sales success stories, product announcements with sales guidance, and strategic messages from senior management. This was LAM's first client when it was known as Honeywell. It is now known as Steria and over 20 years later is still a client.

LAM has produced video, audio print, conferences and other media for this client through the years.

For every communication challenge, LAM have the breadth of skills and experience to meet it.  

The Right Solution - The Right Strategy
When you need to get it Right

Legal & General Insurance

"It is always a pleasure to work with people who are on the same wavelength..."


"It is certainly helping to portray a more professional and modern image of the company, therefore achieving its objectives."

Mobile News review of Vodafone Conference

"It made a complex and fascinating spectacle. And it got the message across."

Bull Computers

"By taking full responsibility for both productions and client liaison, you made it very easy for me."


"A hell of a lot was on the line for us, but LAM came through with a totally professional product."


"Your help in working with our team and senior management throughout the project from message definition to delivering a first class event on the day was invaluable."


"You truly hit the target for us."

HM Prison Service

"The video helped to allay many fears and break down barriers."

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