Organisation & Planning

A company must feel confident it can hand over responsibility for every aspect of their event. Each stage must be co-ordinated, with deadlines set and met. Liaison between the client company and the venue is part of that process. A high profile event is far too important for last minute ‘surprises.'



With LAM Communications the only surprise is how smoothly the corporate event planning has gone and how painless it's been for the client.

We're more than a conference event consultancy. We take on every aspect of conference planning. Whether it's a single corporate event or road shows, we provide event & conference management by professionals with a proven track record as one of the leading UK conference organisers.

It is rare you can find in one conferencing solution provider all the skills required to create a dynamic event that also delivers The Message!

Every element is linked in a way that provides a total conferencing services solution. When it comes to business event planning, we work closely with our clients from the first day.

LAM is much more than a conference organiser and road show coordinator. It's more than building the set and checking the sound system..... We make it a memorable event by giving people a message they can remember.


The Challenge

UK 's leading mobile phone company launching a new digital service to 2,000 dealers. In less than a month it needs to produce a road show rich in content and motivation so the dealers believe in the credibility, performance and opportunity of the new service. The deadline is tight and unmovable. Hitting 3 cities in 5 days

Our Solution

A professional team is created with all elements coordinated, the technical and the informational. As each script is written, supporting graphics are created, video endorsements are shot and edited... 2 crews required... one sleeps while one works. Each event must be filmed and edited on site, so OB unit required.

The Feedback

"This seminar is as good as they come. The action comes thick and fast...Slick it most certainly is. ....A series of hard nosed presentations."

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