Communications Strategy

The objective seems clear; the need to communicate a particular issue to staff or customers, but far too often this is done outside of a well-planned communications strategy.

Prior to embarking on a project, LAM Communications asks its clients to consider their objectives in context of an overall strategy, emphasising linkage to other initiatives. We see each element not as distinct in themselves, but connected. We ask our clients to analyse their long-term communications objectives and decide with them how to deliver these most effectively and cost efficiently.



Strategic communication comes with thought and planning. It begins with a strategic communications plan that ensures integrated marketing communications.

LAM is a business communications company that specialises in external communications and employee communications. If you need strategic communications planning, you'll want to come to a corporate communications specialist. You'll want to come to LAM Communications.


The Challenge

Major UK insurance company needs to communicate initially with their branch network, then with their customers new industry leading service standards. Implementation team saw it as a case of promise now and deliver later. No proven examples to give credibility to the assertions being made.

Our solution

We advised piloting the proposed service standards, then developing a consistent presentation showing how they helped deliver improved performance, which could be taken to the branches and the customers in a UK wide road show, as a brand enhancing communications exercise.

The feedback

"We saw an immediate increase in premium income across the branch network. Clearly this credibility building approach to communications paid off. So much so that 2 years later it was given as a reason shy our division was sold to one of the major UK insurance players."

Legal & General, General Insurance

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