A presentation rises or falls on the message, how it is composed and how it is delivered. Senior executives may find it a challenge putting their thoughts down in a way that motivates and informs. They may often be too close to their subjects to see their views in context of the broader picture. Industry and corporate jargon may subvert the message.

LAM Communications uses journalistic interview techniques to develop a presentation, drawing out examples and case studies to lend it credibility, yet ensuring the words delivered are the speaker's own. We are also able to help the speaker become more confident and polished in how they deliver their presentation.



Scripting an important presentation is a talent in itself. Many executives find they need speech support when faced with giving a presentation to their own staff, or an industry conference.

Being a corporate communications writer requires a distinct talent. Too often, a presentation looms but time runs out for speech preparation. LAM provides a script service that takes the pressure off the presenter.

We have a vast experience of speech writing, across a range of different industries.


Whether it's a corporate event speech, or a presentation to an important client, we can help construct the message so it doesn't get lost between the lines.


The Challenge

The chief executive of one of the world's largest courier companies needed to give a high profile keynote speech to an industry conference in Japan . The problem is that he was in California and the conference was the following week. He also needed speaker support graphics to match the presentation.

Our Solution

We interviewed the client by phone and recorded the debrief. Using this as our source material, we drafted a 30 minute speech within 24 hours, and emailed it. 8 hours later, the presentation came back with minor amendments. We create the graphics, emailing he final script and graphics directly to the conference organisers in Japan .

The Feedback

"You pulled it out…didn't think it could be done, but you did it……And they were my words! Thanks for making me look good."

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