Digital Media

An increasing amount of corporate communication is disseminated via digital media. Video for example, may not ever end up in a form you can hold in your hand, as it's now shot, edited and uploaded all digitally.

Communication techniques, creativity and quality remain as important today as they ever did. LAM Communications understands how to utilise digital technology in a way that enhances the corporate message.



Digital media production covers a vast amount of corporate communications. Case studies will likely end up as part of a corporate CD production, or on DVD. Event CD production gives those not able to attend a conference or seminar, a way to be exposed to the message in full or edited form, visual or audio. Everything now produced can be uploaded to a corporate website.

LAM Communications has the expertise to guide you through the Digital Media maze.


The Challenge

Client required a series of case studies to be shot on video that could have multiple uses: conference inserts, distribution to sales force for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations and to be uploaded to the client's corporate website.

Our Solution

Ensure we were able to tell the case study stories in short, tightly edited clips, high in graphics for visual enhancement, with client endorsement to camera. Shot digitally, we provided this on DVD to main high quality and give client maximum flexibility.

Client Comment

"Invaluable ... a tremendous success!"


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