Corporate Communications

Most organisations still rely on the design-led written word for communicating. Even with the internet and other forms of digital dissemination of information, it all comes down to what you have to say and how you say it. A well designed and written corporate document, annual report or newsletter will grab the reader's attention and maintain it.

This is the LAM strength, delivering the message clearly and concisely, combining the written word with effective visual reinforcement.



Creating a message with pictures and words requires a mix of journalistic and design skills, but also an understanding of the corporate and business environment.

LAM Communications brings these skills to each of its corporate communications projects. Enhancing the corporate brand and identity can be done through writing an annual report, publishing corporate newsletters, designing corporate brochures and annual corporate reports.

These, linked to other forms of media, including video, conferences and seminars are areas of UK business communications in which LAM specialises.


The Challenge

Privately owned international management consultancy did not put out annual reports, therefore needed a high quality corporate brochure for clients and news media that would ‘make a thump' when it hit the table, while reflecting the company's credibility and quality of work in the design and text.

Our solution

Creative team was assembled, with briefing at the corporate HQ in the US. Photographer spend 40 days travelling around the world shooting client's customers, while design and writing was being carryout out in London. Commissioned 10,000 print run of 42 page glossy brochure.


"Congratulations on a great product which IMPAC is very proud of. You followed the brief and made those few dry words that we came up with internally actually come alive. Some of the comments I received from those who read it will probably make you blush. Flawless, beautiful design, great photography. I must say in reading it again, I really like the writing style which is crisp and to the point, but carries a great deal of flair."


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