Communications Consultancy

How a company communicates with its employees is directly linked to staff moral and turnover. How it communicates with its customers and prospects is directly related to sales and revenue. Emails and web sites can't be expected to meet communication needs.

LAM Communications has the experience across a wide range of industries and agencies to help determine best approach and delivery mechanism media for a specific requirement, or to develop a more holistic approach to good corporate communication.



Business communication is too often taken for granted, with little or no commitment to internal corporate communication. Because LAM actually implements the strategic communication projects it develops, the integration is seamless. Marketing and corporate communications are far more than brand creation, but how to enhance the brand by disseminating information about it.

We specialise in effective corporate communication, initially analysing the existing ‘news flow’ to gauge the historical commitment to corporate communication.

As communication consultants we will also determine the appetite for more, better and regular communication. Many corporate communications consultants advise....we do that and more...we implement.

Also, lack of effective communication often hides performance inhibiting cultural issues, which may be symptomatic of something deeper. In any corporate communications initiative we undertake we will be able to identify such issues.


The Challenge

A major UK insurer was undergoing a culture change process, but had no means of communicating it to staff. Without effective communication, it was felt the initiative would be short lived and would not bring the required.

Our Solution

An initial analysis of how staff perceived the culture change initiative, identifying their fears and concerns. These were initially addressed with a video, which staff were able to discuss after viewing. We then produced quarterly audio magazines that focused on strategic issues that were delivered to every member of staff. After each distribution, a communication analysis was carried out to identify areas of continued concern.

The feedback

"In my experience, both creative people and consultants fall into two categories. Those who immediately understand what you are trying to achieve and those who don’t. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who are on the same wavelength."

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