People often retain more of what they hear than what they see. Audio is a highly cost efficient way of getting a corporate message across to a large number of people, be they employees or customers.

User friendly, a corporate audio programme can be delivered on a CD to be played in the car, or uploaded to a website where it is play-on-demand. This is an especially useful communications tool for companies with a large or geographically dispersed work force.

Audio production is a LAM speciality, with many years experience working with international radio news networks, the skills of broadcast journalism are incorporated in our corporate audio productions.



Corporate audio magazines and audio programmes offer a number of key benefits for companies who need to get their strategic messages across. Reading comprehension varies widely, but an audio message is the same for every recipient. It is a way for management to get across key strategic messages clear and unequivocally.

LAM's broadcast quality audio production ensures the programme is enjoyable to listen to, while imparting important messages. Corporate successes reinforce best practice and increases motivation. LAM provides the highest professional audio services when it comes to corporate communication.


The Challenge

Marketing director of multi national computer company complains,” The sales force says it doesn't have time to read our new product releases.”

Our solution

We produced a monthly 30 minute audio magazine especially for the sales force on the road. Each edition focused on sales objectives, new product releases, sales success stories, and corporate strategy.

The feedback

From a staff member: "I listened to the CD in my company car about 3 times. It's good to hear opinions from other members of staff, feel part of a bigger team."

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