What our clients say

Legal & General:

"In my experience, both creative people and consultants fall into two categories. Those who immediately understand what you are trying to achieve and those who don't. It is always a pleasure to work with people who are on the same wavelength and I was most impressed by the way in which you produced a script which said what we wanted on the basis of just one meeting with me, I was equally impressed by the speed with which things happened once the script was agreed."

Employment Service:

"You, like we, were well aware of the difficult message we had to get across to staff and we have been very impressed with the professional and enthusiastic way in which you tackled the project"

CBS News:

For production of Gulf War coverage:

"I am aware of the long hours and dedication to the product. The words are indeed small, but from all of us a giant THANK YOU! The radio news service of CBS News is acknowledged to be the best in the country. We have earned that reputation thanks to the efforts of people like Larry Miller."

Bull Computers:

"By taking full responsibility for both productions and client liaison, you made it very easy for me. You were put under a lot of time pressure...but met all the deadlines as promised."


"You are the marksman of video producers. You truly hit the target for us. Frankly, I do not know why I congratulate you,when I should be patting myself on the back for having had the good sense to engage your firm to promote our company!"


"You know, of course, that there was a great deal of pressure with such a high profile document. A hell of a lot was on the line here, both in terms of credibility as well as financially, but LAM Productions came through with a totally professional product. Rest assured I shall recommend you to others."

Talkland (now Vodafone Retail):

From Mobile News:

"It made a complex and fascinating spectacle. And it got the message across."


"Thank you for all the hard work on the HSBC Select corporate video and CD ROM. All the feedback we've received has been very positive. It is certainly helping to portray a more professional and modern image of the company, therefore achieving its objectives."

Employment Service:

"I am sure you will be pleased to know that our new video has gone down extremely well.....I want to record the thanks from all of us here for what you and your team have achieved in a very short space of time. This has been another major success for LAM Productions and I hope we can come back to you again when the need arises."

HM Prison Service:

"The end product was just what we had envisaged and proved invaluable as part of our recent exercise to inform senior management of the 130 Prisons about the FOCUS project. The video helped to allay many fears and break down barriers."

Legal & General:

"I just wanted to write and say how pleased we are with the video you have produced for us. I am sure it will do a valuable job in helping us talk to our staff about Focus on the Front Line."

Pan Books:

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the Piper video. You have interpreted our ideas superbly and very professionally. Well done!"

Talkland (now Vodafone Retail):

"As you are probably aware Talkland won the 'Service Provider of the Year' award at the Mobile News Awards this week. Just a short note to thank you personally for your contributions (2 videos) towards both our entries into the awards. We are all still grinning from ear to ear."


"Our one way bullet resistant material is a difficult concept to explain to anyone but the method you employed in the video makes it easy for even the most unsophisticated client to understand, while simultaneously, keeping the attention and interest of the seasoned expert. The graphics added the professional polish to a well thought out script."

Lander Software:

"I can now tell you that it has, without exception, been very well received by everyone from children to adults, from parents to teachers. It seems to strike a very comfortable balance between informing and selling, something which is particularly important when dealing with such a wide range of special needs users."

University of Dundee:

"We were all very impressed by the video. It was very informative and the style was exactly what was required."


"Thank you for the video about CSD and Quality. It certainly delivers the message in a very impressive manner. It is an example to us all."


"The event (at the Barbican) was a tremendous success as you will see from the attached feedback. Comments from employees included, "having been to a number of kick offs over the past 8 years it was probably the best" and "An excellent, extremely well organised event."

"Your help in working with our team and senior management throughout the project from message definition to delivering a first class event on the day was invaluable. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Bull Computers:

"Thank you for your efforts in the Kick Off.

The Directors were very impressed. Many thanks for the work you put in."


"Just a short note on behalf of myself and the Marketing & Planning management team who asked me to formally write to you to thank you for your expert advice and assistance in preparing and running the marketing Kick Off. Everyone was most impressed by your efforts and look forward to working with you again the in the near future."


"Thank you for all the hard work and support from you and your team in the preparation of the production of Videotron's Customer Operations Conference. The feedback from the staff attending the conference has been extremely positive and has once again given clear indication that these events offer the company an opportunity to inform and motivate our staff. "

Talkland ( now Vodafone Retail):

from ' Mobile News' :

"Don't send them press releases or corporate literature. Instead get 200 or so business partners together on an afternoon in a Stratford-on-Avon hotel and zap them with an all singing, all dancing, state of the art multi media presentation.

Cue Sister Sledge's 'We are Family'.

Logos materialised, projected with vivid intensity onto a screen which had been silently lowered into the smoke. They rotated, zoomed, apparently flew across the room, jumped out in front of you and generally did things that only well instructed and programmed lasers can do. The logos of all four networks joined a laser generated impression of a Talkland shop....It made a complex and fascinating spectacle. And it got the message across."

Legal & General:

"Thank you for your efforts in helping us to put together the Vision presentations for staff. Your expertise and efficient handling of a number of difficult issues enabled us to put together the presentation combining interactive graphics and video to excellent effect. The feedback from staff has exceeded our expectations. It has been good fun working together."

Talkland ( now Vodafone Retail):

"Looking at the results of the latest seminar campaign, I am writing to let you know that it has been an outstanding success with several major organisations likely to move their accounts to Talkland's airtime over the forthcoming months. In other words, this mirrors the success of the previous campaigns than you ran for us. To run some 18 major seminars over a 12 month period with a variety of speakers on differing subjects-painlessly to us -the client is a tribute to your organisational skills. In particular, your ability to drag the best out of your suppliers in the area of animated speaker support and stand design has impressed us all."

Talkland( now Vodafone Retail):

from Mobile News:

"This Seminar is as good as they come. The action comes thick and fast.....Slick it most certainly is. But there are no real frills, just a series of hard-nosed short presentations on different cellular applications."


Staff survey results for audio programme

Very Good or Good

Concept   97%

Format   92%

Content   89%


Staff survey results for audio programme

How informative did you find 'Terminix Talks' ?

Excellent - Good 65%

More 'Terminix Talks'? 97% say yes.

Comments fed back:

From staff member, "I listened to the Terminix talks cassette while in my company vehicle about 3 times. It's good to hear opinions from other members of staff, feel part of a bigger team."

From the Managing Director, "To be positive they genuinely appreciated people making the effort to keep them informed and indeed bring issues out to be addressed."

AT Kearney :

"I have received the audio cassette of the Swaffield Seminar. I thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed I was with the style and quality of the result you have achieved."


"Congratulations on a great product which IMPAC is very proud of. You followed the brief and made those few dry words that we came up with internally actually come alive. Some of the comments I received from those who read it will probably make you blush!

Flawless, beautiful design, great photography. I must say in reading it again, I really like the writing style which is crisp and to the point but carries a great deal of flair."

Speyhawk Limited:

"I thought the graphics and sound for the presentation were fantastic and as one of the speakers you certainly made my life very easy."

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